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 Announcing #SweetAppleCon on Canternet

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Earth Pony Chancellor

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PostSubject: Announcing #SweetAppleCon on Canternet   Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:58 pm

For those of you out there that happen to be IRC addicts like me, the con now has a presence on the MLP:FiM centered IRC server Canternet (irc.canternet.org) at #SweetAppleCon.

If you have a question and the forum moves too slow for you, then you can try asking in real time. Or just chat with other con-goers about the con, pony, or anything. I leave IRC running in the background constantly, so just say my name to set off my highlight, and if I'm not AFK I should respond within a minute or two. Drop in and say hi!
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Pegasi Commander

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PostSubject: Re: Announcing #SweetAppleCon on Canternet   Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:30 pm

Just going to throw out some additional connection info:
Canternet is listening on 6666-6669, and 6660-6665 for SSL.

Also, website with other useful information: http://canternet.org/
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Announcing #SweetAppleCon on Canternet
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