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 STAFF OPENINGS - Help work the con!

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STAFF OPENINGS - Help work the con! Empty
PostSubject: STAFF OPENINGS - Help work the con!   STAFF OPENINGS - Help work the con! EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 2:18 pm

The full text of this post can also be found here: http://www.sweetapplecon.com/225/

Staff Openings!

Please do NOT post any applications, resumes, questions on this page! If you have questions, please email us at

- These are not paid positions, however, lodging will be provided in some cases, and all staff positions will give you a free pass to the convention. Sweet Apple Acres Con is run entirely by unpaid staff. All jobs are done out of our passion for the show and the love of celebrating it through the brony community.

- All of these positions are serious legitimate jobs that require your time, dedication, and best effort. If you cannot dedicate the necessary time to getting any of these jobs done that you apply for, please save us the time and do not apply.

- You must be 18 or older to apply, and a resume is required to apply for staff. Cover letters are optional but nice!

How to Apply:

- To apply, send a resume (and cover letter if desired) to staffing@sweetapplecon.com

- In the email, please include the following information:

- Your full legal name.

- Your community alias (if applicable)

- Birth Date

- Gender

- Shirt Size

- A valid email address

- A valid phone number

- The position you are applying for

- Any additional comments regarding your resume/cover letter.

That all being said, here are the positions that are currently available! Jobs with a red star (*) beside them are jobs we need to fill immediately!

Guest Relations*

Job Description:

- Talking to potential guests, getting them to attend our con, handling travel arrangements.
– Making sure guests are picked up at airport, arrive at hotel, are checked into rooms, etc.
– Make sure guests are comfortable, get their meals, aren’t stalked by fans, etc.
– Manage and schedule interviews between media and guests


- NO FANBOY/FANGIRLISM. Guests are going to be bombarded by fans when walking around the con space and at panels, GR has to be able to treat them like regular people, especially in private spaces like hotel rooms, cars, green room, etc. If the guests report you are making them uncomfortable you will be removed from your post IMMEDIATELY.
– Must coordinate with security
– Must have strong interpersonal skills. Be able to greet guests with a firm handshake, a friendly smile, and eye contact.

Extra Consideration:

- Public Relations experience.


Job Description:

- Determining an appropriate schedule for the con.
– Review panel applications, decide what is appropriate and what isn’t. Greenlight panels.
– Assigning room usage to make sure no room has a down time.
– Let panelists know where they need to be and when.
– Have back-up panels prepared and ready to go in the event that a scheduled panelist cannot make it or is a no-show.


- Sublime organization skills. Be our Twilight.
– Work with main event coordinator

Extra Consideration:

- Previous experience working as a programming coordinator.

Registration Coordinator*

Job Description:

- Recording pre-reg, processing, making sure all pre-reg badges are printed and available on day of con.
– Set up registration table on day of con. Organize volunteers to work it.
– Make sure attendees can get their badges quickly and without much hassle.


- Ability to handle money well.
– You will be the only person dealing with literally all of the attendees, interpersonal skills are an absolute must. Be friendly, outgoing, and polite.

Extra Consideration:

- Retail experience.

Website Administrator (Please include examples of your work when applying)*

Job Description:

- Work with our design team to keep the website styled and updated.
– Making sure the website is functional and bug-free.


- Highly capable in the following:


- WordPress Administration

- Custom WordPress Templates


- Able to work quickly and efficiently under tight deadlines!

Extra Consideration:

- HTML 5
– Flash Experience
– jQuery
– Javascript

Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description:

- Take down names, etc. of people willing to be volunteers at our con, make sure they know working a con and attending a con are two different things.
– Have the list of volunteers ready before con, and the actual volunteers ready on the day of con.
– Send volunteers wherever they are needed. Keep one ear glued to your walkie talkie so you know when people are needed and where to direct them.


- Organizational skills.
– Able to coordinate and lead a group of random people well.
– A no-fear attitude when firing people who need to be fired. (We don’t need to let people stay just to be nice).

Extra Consideration:

- Previous volunteer coordinator position at previous conventions.
– Previous experience managing a group of people in general.

Tech Coordinator

Job Description:

- Trying to get as much DONATED (not rental) equipment as possible in days leading up to con. The contract with the con only allows them to rent their stuff or use our own. We cannot rent stuff from outside sources. Borrowing as much as we can from internal sources will help cut down on costs.
– Set up equipment at the con. PAs, projectors, sound mixers, etc. Get it in working and usable order.
– Will be on call during the whole con, and must be willing to miss events if the needed.


- Must have a knowledge of most tech stuff including but not limited to:

- Computers
– Projectors
– Microphones
– Speakers
– General PA Systems

Extra Consideration:

- Experience as a tech person in a previous convention or job.

Main Event Coordinator (for musical guests and such)*

Job Description:

- Work with head of programming/panels to make sure events with the highest expected attendance are in rooms with the highest capacity and aren’t competing with each other.
– Work with tech coordinator to get any equipment musical guests will need set up
– Work with guests on anything they may need for their performances and try to be accommodating
– Work with other department heads to have back-up plans in place for main events to assure events running smoothly


- Interpersonal skills
– Well organized
– Previous event coordination experience (doesn’t necessarily have to be for a convention)

Extra Consideration:

- Previous event coordination experience for conventions.

General Secretary*

Job Description:

- Help coordinate generally everything.
– Make sure all documents are accounted for.


- Must be good with computers.
– General email experience.
– Microsoft Office (Word/Excel) experience.

Extra Consideration:

- Worked as a secretary previously.

Medical Coordinator

Job Description:

- First responders to medical emergencies at the convention
– *Works with security


- EMR Certification

Extra Consideration:

- EMT Certification
– Medical Coordinator at a convention before.

Sponsorship/Advertising Coordinator*

Job Description:

- Responsible for selling ads for the program and getting general sponsors for the convention
– Must communicate ad needs of client to the art department team
– Responsible for securing advertising space for SAAC to promote the convention (newspapers, radio, websites, etc. This requires working with head of PR.)
– Develop and manage client relationships
– Identifying new prospects through cold calling/lead generation and appointment setting


- Working knowledge of Internet and Social Media marketing
– Excellent communication, negotiation and presentation skills
– Must be organized and timely
– Strong verbal and written skills

Extra Consideration:

- Previous experience working as a Sponsorship/Advertising Coordinator in other conventions
– Previous experience working as a Sponsorship/Advertising Coordinator in other Brony conventions
– Previous advertising sales experience
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STAFF OPENINGS - Help work the con!
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