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 Vinyl Vision

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PostSubject: Vinyl Vision   Vinyl Vision EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 1:40 pm

Hello everyone! This is Charon, I was going to be running Vinyl Vision in the Artist Alley ^_^. Due to all the unfortunate events with the hotel, at least from what I understand, the con isn't happening, but I don't want all you wonderful ponies to be deprived of your goodies. If you're still interested in decorating your life with ponies I'm offering free shipping with the coupon code sweetappleacres until August 1st. My shop is Vinyl Vision on etsy (sorry, I just registered and it won't let me post links of any kind yet, there's a 7 day waiting period). I wish I could have met you all! But I'll be at Bronycon, if anyone will be there Pinkie Happy.
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Vinyl Vision
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