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 So what now?

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So what now? Empty
PostSubject: So what now?   So what now? EmptyThu Aug 08, 2013 2:59 pm

Well, it has been four weeks since the dreaded news came over the wire. Nothing more needs to be said, as it has all been said many times in the past several tragic weeks. Eight months of excitement fading away in two days of unfortunate turmoil. In fact I still haven't gotten my money back from my VIP pass, though I haven't actually TRIED to do so yet heh. I'll get to that soon. I don't even know if anyone still browses these forums; the last post was a month ago and we didn't even have much activity here to begin with.

After an awesome Bronycon 2013, I return home with a renewed spirit and vigour, wanting to take charge and make things happen, whatever these things may be, and help muster up a con for our region for 2014. I have no convention-working experience at all, but a LOT of energy and determination, and an eagerness for learning the ins and outs of working these things; I am quite ready to do anything that is needed within my power to help in any category.

I was told at the Traveling Pony Museum that SAAC wanted to try to make a comeback in 2014. Is this true? If it is, I want to do whatever I can behind the scenes and on staff to make it happen, in any volunteer/staff position I could possibly be of service in. If that isn't true, I want to get in touch with those that have con experience and make SOMETHING happen next spring or summer, even if it's only a one-day meetup at a park somewhere. I've got con fever and can hardly wait for the next convention or meetup.

Also, I say, if SAAC is but a bittersweet memory and must fade into the history books, I was wondering if anyone has access to the scans of the con material (badges, con booklets, the comic, etc) as I wanted so badly to ask TPM at Bronycon if I could look through their collection of SAAC merchandise. Even if I got permission though I probably couldn't have, since I was tearing up a little just LOOKING at their SAAC table. I was quite emotional looking at it. I'll get in touch with TPM first to see if they can help but if anyone here reads this feel free to chime in.

However, I WILL say that if SAAC had happened, I probably wouldn't have been able to go to Bronycon, since I managed my finances so poorly this year heh, so it wasn't ALL horrible, but I would still have given anything to have been able to attend both. If both could happen next year I would be a happy camper :'D
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So what now? Empty
PostSubject: Re: So what now?   So what now? EmptyFri Aug 09, 2013 9:58 pm

I totally agree with you.

I haven't had the chance to contact staff and find out about rolling over my VIP for 2014, and to have them save my copies of the SAAC Comic, and poster and stuff. But, if it's a dead horse for 2014, maybe I can get that stuff and a refund in the mail.

It wasn't a convention per-say... more of a large gathering/meet. But at the same time, I do hope it was a dress rehearsal of sorts, and that they can make 2014 a real event.
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So what now?
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