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 Sweet Apple Acres Con Official Forum Rules!

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Sweet Apple Acres Con Official Forum Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Sweet Apple Acres Con Official Forum Rules!   Sweet Apple Acres Con Official Forum Rules! EmptyWed Nov 07, 2012 1:52 pm

Here are the rules!

1. Be respectful of other members and staff please!
2. Keep it PG. Absolutely NO sexual material, violent descriptions/imagery, sexual harassment, etc of any sort. This includes profile pics!
3. Please keep topics in their appropriate sub-forums.
4. No trolling! Love and tolerate!
5. If you have any problems with any member please alert a moderator or keep things in private messages.
6. No selling any merchandise in the forums.
7. When trading contact information for hotel/ride shares please keep the info to private messages.
8. No spoilers for new episodes!
9. Please do not spam. It makes it harder for mods and staff to find and answer your questions.

If you have any other questions about the rules please do not hesitate to ask a moderator or staff.

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Sweet Apple Acres Con Official Forum Rules!
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